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About Alina

Alina’s background is in biomedical research, but she has always loved food and cooking. While completing her PhD and post-doctoral work in the field of inflammation, Alina became fascinated by the connections between food, gut, hormones, inflammation, and health.

Inspired by the power of food to treat disease and support health and longevity, Alina completed further training and became an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist. Her work as a biomedical scientist allows Alina to fully grasp the new developments in health and nutrition research and translate them into effective lifestyle advice for her clients. A trained health & wellbeing coach, Alina also recognises that the client alone can be the captain and decision-maker of their life. She helps clients set and achieve the goals that matter to them.

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What is different?

Alina loves supporting people from all walks of life to build a positive relationship with food and achieve optimal health and wellbeing. She takes a whole-person approach and helps clients address not only nutrition but also other lifestyle factors that may be getting in the way of optimal health, such as being active, sleeping well and managing stress.

Alina is a member of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, working to bring a paradigm shift from “sick care” where we only treat the symptoms to genuine “heath care” where we set a person up for a lifetime of wellbeing and flourishing through a heathy lifestyle.  

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